COVID-19 Operating Procedures

Hello Church, we hope you are doing well.

We just wanted to give you all an update for what our Sunday gatherings will look like for the time being. Since the state continues to open up, the elders are persistently evaluating how to wisely move forward. 
We have determined that it is good at this time to begin meeting together with those who desire to do so (beginning 6/14/2020)
Please note: The Community Center will have some limits on how many people can effectively practice social distancing inside. If the room becomes filled to the “socially-distanced capacity” some of us will need to move over to the office space in Suite E to view the Facebook Live feed. In this season, we will have the opportunity to love one another and give preference and honor to one another as we “give up our space” to allow another brother or sister remain. We are still asking the following of you: 
If you are considered to be vulnerable to the virus—we would encourage you at this time to continue sheltering in place and join us on-line for the sermon. We will continue with Facebook Live as well as providing the
sermons on-line here.
If you are sick, please stay home. Get better and join us next Sunday. 
Handless entry. A greeter will open the door for you on the way in and on the way out. 
Social distance. The chairs will be set up to allow for different family sizes and we ask that you leave a two-chair space between households. 
Touch-free interactions. The holy kiss, that Paul wrote about many years ago is out the window. Please say hi but don’t plan on hugs and handshakes at this time. 

In & Out. Lingering after the sermon will be discouraged.   
Face coverings. At this time, face masks are required by Seminole County officials.  If this requirement is lifted, we encourage you to proceed as you determined is necessary for your health.  We have a very limited supply of face masks available if you need one.  
Wash your hands. The bathrooms will have soap to wash up before you leave. 
Cleaned space. The chairs and surfaces will be cleaned before and after our gathering. 
Bring your own. No snacks or drinks will be provided. If you desire to have some coffee or water, please bring your own. 
Just in case. Hand sanitizer will be available.

If you have any questions, please let us know.
Doors will be open at 9:35 and we will begin the Facebook Live feed at 10AM. 

We are looking forward to seeing many of you as we gather around the preaching of the Word of God every Sunday. 
Boasting in Jesus,
Your Elders